What's The Difference Between A POLO Shirt And A T-shirt?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

First of all, we want to know what is the POLO shirt and T - shirt.

POLO sweater explains:

POLO was originally called the tennis shirt when I first started, launched by former French 7-time Grand Slam Ren Lacoste Cup tennis champion in the brand LACOSTE collar sweater, tennis racket waving upper body will continue to reverse, so the design is Polo - don't plunge into your pants for the premise, made after a long, short there is a small cut open, bottom and side. The design of the lower pendulum enables the author to avoid the usual wrinkle of the general T-shirt as it is too long when the author sits down.

T - shirt shows:

Spring and summer clothing is one of the most people love, especially in the scorching sun, the heat unbearable summer T-shirt, with its natural, comfortable, handsome and dignified sense of advantage and gradually replace old men wear vest or sweater and a mode of short sleeved shirt or sweater in Hongkong appeared in the social occasion people are willing to become wearing seasonal clothing. Has become the world's men and women, old and young are in love with the modern. It is said that the world's annual sales have reached billions, and jeans make up the world's most popular and most dressed costumes.

The two biggest difference between the two:

The biggest difference is the part of the collar, the polo shirt must be the shirt collar, and the T-shirt is basically round collar.

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