What Is The Best Fabric For Baby's Summer Clothes?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

What is the best fabric for baby's summer clothes? In the summer, people sweat more, especially babies, and the vegetative nerves are prone to excitement. In addition, they are usually more active and sweaty. Although chemical fiber fabrics are very thin, they have low permeability and do not absorb sweat, so they are not easy to radiate, causing sweat to adhere to the skin and cannot be drained immediately. They feel uncomfortable, and they are also prone to lice and even sores and convulsions. In addition, chemical fiber is a chemical product, it may also cause allergic skin reactions, and even induce allergic asthma, urticaria, dermatitis and other diseases.


Therefore, the best baby clothes to wear in summer is breathable, heat dissipation, moisture absorption of pure cotton fabrics, especially underwear is the best choice for cotton, no stimulation of the baby's skin, has good sweat permeability, baby wear more comfortable. Baby underwear cotton material has the following species:


1. Knit rib cloth. The texture is thin, flexible, breathable, and feels good. It is the best choice for summer.

2, knitted cotton felt. It has excellent stretchability, warmth, breathability and good hand feeling. It is suitable for autumn and winter underwear.

3, cotton gauze. Breathable, easy to shrink after washing, suitable for summer underwear.


Cotton fabrics have good hygroscopicity, soft hand feeling and comfortable wearing; wet strength is stronger than dry strength, but it is firm and durable on the whole; dyeing performance is good, gloss is soft and there is a natural beauty; in addition, you can also choose linen clothes, Breathable, there is a unique cool feeling, sweating is not sticky; Finally, we must pay attention to not wear too tight in the summer, it is best to be more relaxed as well.