These Dresses Are Suitable For Late Summer And Early Autumn!

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Recently, typhoons frequently landed, which seems to indicate that the spring and summer of birds and flowers are getting farther and farther away from us. The weather is gradually cooling down, and the chances of little cute people wearing skirts are getting less and less. If you officially enter the cold weather, the wind, the snow, still want to wear a skirt out of the street? Doesn't exist~ After all, the skirt has to wear 100% of its fairy effect, or you have to show the skirt, otherwise it is simply suppressing its nature.

Moreover, the skirt is a must-have item for the little fairy, and the dress is a single-handedly able to hold a variety of occasions, helping you to debut the men's singles, so how to reduce its bright camera.


The cold and not hot autumn is the best temperature to wear a dress before winter. I won’t wear it again this fall. I can’t wear it in the cold weather.


So, what dress is suitable for wearing in the fall? Follow me, you know~

Extra long shirt skirt

In the spring and summer, we often use shirts to complete the trendy look. This autumn, use a long shirt skirt to continue this sense of fashion.

For those who like casual casual style, you can choose a shirt dress with a checkered element. Combine your day's needs with sneakers or high heels.


Extra long shirt dress can pull the wind belt, but also remind the little cute people that the skirt length is too over, it will only make the shape look cumbersome, the selection should be cautious~


The little cute people who walked the extremely simple route, all white shirt dress is your best choice, the all-white visual effect, highlighting the clean and neat, forming a bright scene on the street.


Long sleeve floral skirt

When it comes to dresses, how can you get a floral skirt? It not only invigorates the color of the whole spring and summer, but also brings the colorful spots into the sluggish autumn, so that this autumn is no longer boring.

Full of sweet floral skirts, casual sneakers, like a prostitute to escape from the model life, full of mixed fashion.


Take the fresh and idyllic little cutes, don't forget to choose a small saturated flower, so that the whole look and feel is full, and the temperament is also improved.


The ok floral skirt can be worn with a pair of jeans. However, if the length of the skirt has reached the finest position of the calf, it is recommended to give up this wearing method as well.


denim dress

There is an idiom called the four seasons like spring, and the denim fabric is like a spring, the four seasons are not lacking in its figure, wild and fashionable.

The cute little ones who are confident in their own body can pick up the slim-fit denim dress and show off the graceful S-shaped figure. The casual highlights the femininity.


When wearing a loose denim dress with no waistline, the little cute ones remember to put on a belt to achieve the visual effect of pulling the lower body, which is taller and thinner, and will be more neat and versatile.


The popular row of buckle elements in spring and summer will not be absent this fall. It will also enhance the design and style of the styling, making the whole look interesting and not boring.


Put on a casual denim skirt, if you want to highlight the femininity, you may wish to pick a knee-high boots, warm and stylish. And still a high artifact, trouble to understand ~


Chiffon Dress

The chiffon texture dress is soft and elegant, full of fairy charm. In the autumn season, I believe that wearing it will be more suitable, and the beautiful atmosphere will come.

The white chiffon skirt is the first choice for enhancing temperament, creating a clean and comfortable aesthetic. When you have an important date, you can pick it up, and the goddess Fan, the impression is extra.


This autumn, choose a chiffon skirt with a large skirt, which makes the whole shape more beautiful and rhythmic, and gives a super-esthetic atmosphere, which makes people feel excited.


Or you can choose a long chiffon dress piled up with pleats, so that the entire look is full of design, eye-catching. And feminine, feminine and stylish.


Under the soft and elegant chiffon, the pleated skirt has less casual street feeling and is more fashionable. So, it is not recommended to wear sneakers at this time, it is more suitable to put on women's high heels.


Knit Dress

Beginning in the early autumn, it is time to take out your knit dresses. The knitwear is warm and comfortable, and the styles are also diverse, expressing a unique sense of fashion.