The Method Of Buying Pregnant Maternity Dress

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Choice of gestation style

Comfortable and comfortable, will not tighten the abdomen, can be said to be the most basic style of pregnant women, size should be the principle of size.

The chest, abdomen and cuffs should be relaxed, which will make you feel comfortable. The coat should open the front, will be very convenient to open the buckle or shoulder dress. The upper and lower body separate clothes very easy to wear off, you can reduce heavy body inconvenience.

A maternity dress can be considered for lease

If you often attend wedding ceremonies of friends or family members during pregnancy, you'd better rent some formal dress for the formal occasions. Because such a practice not only saves time and money, but also changes the style of the dress.

Dress coincidentally

In general, buying maternity clothes can only be worn for a year, which is really a waste. Dexterous, you can check your skirt and make use of it slightly, so you can buy a maternity dress that you can also wear after childbirth, which is more economical and practical. Can refer to less Dazhe, more inclined cut legs, tight, loose waist principle chose a beautiful and practical, but also in pregnant women with postpartum.

1, choose natural material. Because during pregnancy, the skin of the pregnant woman becomes sensitive and sweating. If the selected fabric is not suitable, it will cause allergy, and it will also seriously affect the healthy growth of the fetus in the abdomen. Natural fabrics include cotton, linen, silk and so on, and the most common cotton is all cotton. From the point of view in the summer season, cotton, linen fabric mostly in spring and autumn; plain woven fabric, wool fabric, blended fabric and knitwear; selection of a variety of winter woolen or with fluffy filler can be clothing. Although maternity dress fabrics are many, but good maternity, will generally ensure personal part of the texture cotton and silk.

However, some new materials can also bring you a comfortable and safe feeling. There is also a kind of combed cotton, which removes the short staple of cotton and leaves the neat long velvet, which is the best cotton, which has stronger bulk and warmth retention, so it is more comfortable.  Of course, these are more expensive.

2, leave the allowance. Most of the expectant mothers don't want to buy their maternity clothes for only a month, so they should try to choose the right size and set a long distance to prepare enough space for the rapidly expanding future posture. Professional brand of pregnant women, the standard size is through numerous first-hand data and research, as long as you according to the height and the number of measurements of their own, you can easily find their own size.

If some mothers want to pay attention to fashion, clothes have been close fit, just need to purchase different styles and sizes in each period of pregnancy clothes, such as early pregnancy, paunch, need some adjustable waist pants; pregnant belly big, have tenesmus, abdominal pants can be worn, will belly up, will be more comfortable; late pregnancy was belly bulge, pants elastic belt Le stomach uncomfortable, this is the need to wear pants, the stomach was completely wrapped up trousers, and let the mothers have a sense of security is also more comfortable, but are also means more expensive prices.

3, pay attention to details and emphasize practical. As the name implies, the maternity dress is the clothes that women wear when they are pregnant, but in fact, maternity dress is also worn until the baby is born, until you completely restore the original body shape. So, pay attention to a brand, whether considering some small details after the birth of a baby can still wear, such as telescopic belt, detachable parts and so on, for those who want to prolong the service life of the smart maternity mom, this is particularly important.

4, give consideration to breast-feeding, with one top two. If you decide breastfeeding, it is better to choose bra, underwear and T-shirt with lactation function, which will bring you great convenience and avoid the embarrassment of traditional lactation. And if you have a baby in the autumn and winter season, it can help you keep warm. The clothes that have lactation function can play a great role in the stage of pregnancy and lactation.

5, choose the clothing with good supporting function. During pregnancy, the weight of the breast is increased and the lower circumference is enlarged. If the support and package are not given properly, the larger the breast will droop, and the fibrous tissue in the breast will be hard to recover after being destroyed. So, it is very important to choose the right bra size test is that when wearing the breast without oppressive feeling, would not be large but impractical.

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