The Color Principle Of Children's Wear Collocation

- Jan 16, 2018 -

The children's clothing collocation can not in accordance with a vision and a collocation habit decided to give the baby to have children because of collocation, when a talent in costumes also have their favorite since, usually children's clothing collocation color contrast should be lively and cheerful.

It's very important to match a set of contrasting and satisfied costumes. It's very important to build in the match. When choosing children's children, we should avoid choosing the bright pure color. Because the color with high purity and high brightness is difficult to play the role of transition when matching. If the main color in the clothing of children's wear is gray, then the place of selection in the collocation process is larger. Secondly, the markings on the Striped children's clothing are more general small patches or contrasting simple markings. They match well with each other. They are not only easy to match with other colors, but also have great adaptability in clothing personality.

If you want to be a child dressed in beautiful contrast, collocation can choose point on the price, because in the market by buying the most beautiful children's clothing color contrast, at the time of this kind of clothing collocation to select low brightness contrast color collocation of clothing, such as children's clothing coat choose bright contrast orange, a selection of contrast darker olive green or gray, will let all looks calm if you want to compare collocation, compare children to dress up beautiful and flirtatious compared to take all clothing with high brightness contrast colors will make a set of clothing collocation, can not find the main points.

If you want to compare the elegant and gentlemanly dresses of the babies, you can choose the bright colors as the main colors and low brightness colors to match the hue when you match the costumes. In the process of collocation, we try to choose the collocation of the adjacent color.

As for children's collocation, try not to choose two clothes with high purity and color matching, because they will make all the costumes match with a short sense of hierarchy. If this color is used in the same dress, it will make people feel messy. Two smart degrees color collocation will make people feel garish contrast. If you want to reach that contrast, you can use the same color as the color of different colors. For example, yellow and dark blue, yellow and purple and so on.

In the children's clothing collocation when not just to let people feel the happy and vivid visual but also pay attention to the integrity, can not be too messy blend different between different brightness purity to master to not overdo sth..

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