T - Shirt Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

- Jan 16, 2018 -

T - shirt is one of the costumes that people like in the summer, with the advantages of natural, comfortable, natural and unrestrained and not losing the sense of solemnity, it has become a favorite time to wear. But often cleaning, sun drying, often make it "overshadowed".

So, how do you clean up and maintain t - shirts? ]

[ordinary T - shirt]

In 1, irrigation should be the whole T-shirt varus, and avoid side rubbing pattern.

2. Do not use the dryer by hand washing. Do not pull the neckline in the clothes to prevent the deformation.

3, it is best not to be exposed to the sun in the sun to protect the color and life of the clothes. Don't put the clothes drying T-shirt wring too dry, with water drying, hand up clothes lapel, collar, cuff etc., this laundry dry clothes to keep smooth, free from wrinkles.

[Print] T-shirt

1, print T-shirt personality and durable, but do not use hand rub T-shirt (heat transfer) surface of the pattern, do not bleach detergent for containing.

2, wash with warm water or cold water below 40 C.

3, try to use the hand wash, washing machine to print (T-shirt that) reverse wash.

4, after washing, immediately removed from the washing machine to dry naturally, don't press your T-shirt in the sun.

5, if the clothes need to be ironed out, hot before the isolation paper (with glossy paper) on the prints, not directly on the pattern of ironing.

Finally, it is best to put in the wardrobe at the time of receipt, and it is recommended to use the regular folding method to classify and stack.

Remember when the season will carefully wash the whole clothes, clothing processing must first understand the material, cleaning and ironing process will not hurt the beloved clothes.

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