RMB Exchange Rate Back To A Year Ago, The Advantages Of Domestic Cotton Yarn Gradually Expanded.

- Jul 25, 2018 -

The formal start of Sino US trade war has brought a dark cloud to the domestic and foreign textile market. But the price of imported yarn is opposite to that of domestic cotton yarn. As of 19 days, the spot price of FCY Index C32S was 24187 yuan / ton, and the price was less than 24000 yuan / ton a month ago. The internal and external cotton price difference was once expanded. But look at the C32S price of the main importing countries of several cotton yarns, almost all of which are down. The huge difference between the internal and external markets is almost maintained by the "single handedly" of the renminbi. Since April, the RMB exchange rate has fallen from 6.28 at the beginning of the year to today's 6.76, and the value of devaluation has reached about 8%, which can hedge the negative impact of some American tariffs on China's commodities.

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