National Textile People's Nantong Big Party In November

- Oct 31, 2018 -

Since 2018, the domestic and international environment has become increasingly complex, environmental protection policies have become more stringent, domestic labor costs and raw material costs have been rising, sizing and weaving companies are facing a lot of pressure. With the deepening of environmental protection, fashion and technology products, new sizing Raw materials, sizing process, new weaving technology, and intelligent equipment have also emerged in large numbers; in order to explore new trends, exchange new technologies, discuss new technologies, and embrace new changes, from November 8th to 10th, the National Cotton Textile Technology Information Center, The “18th National Symposium on Sizing and Slurry Application and Weaving Innovation Technology” hosted by Nantong Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and Nantong Textile Industry Association was held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. 

With the theme of “green, efficient and intelligent”, the conference invited domestic textile university professors, well-known sizing yarns, weaving experts, excellent textile enterprises, and pulp, sizing and weaving equipment manufacturing enterprises to discuss the slurry and equipment in the past year. Innovative experience and methods in process, weaving technology, green, efficient and intelligent status and development trends in sizing and weaving production processes, solving difficulties and problems in production, promoting energy-saving and efficient advanced processes and Management measures.