How To Clean The Underwear Correctly?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

The underwear should be washed with flowing water, hand washing, and special cleaning soap.

Many people, in order to save energy, and feel that the washing machine is clean, like to clean the underwear in the washing machine, but this view is wrong. Washing machine cleaning underwear, not only clean not clean, but also the bacteria inside the washing machine to the underwear.

Chen Zuhui, deputy chief physician of nosocomial infection control department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said that washing machines are easy to mold, and maybe rinse is not clean, which is very dangerous for women.  At present, some automatic washing machines are more likely to cause mold growth than traditional double cylinder washing machines due to the fact that the residual water is not easy to discharge and the gap between the dewatering tank and the washing tank is very small. Chen Zuhui suggested, try not to use washing machines to wash underwear, even if really used, but also to wash underwear and other clothes, and do a good job of washing machine sanitation work, to avoid bacterial contamination.

Hand washing is the best way, hand wash can increase the density of friction, help to local cleaning, can clean the underwear more clean.

The underwear is washed with alkaline cleaning agent, which is not too strong.

As we all know, the environment in the human body is weak acidity, so the cleaning products are usually alkaline.  However, choose a cleaner that is not too alkaline and has a better cleaning ability, such as soap or soap that has the ability to sterilize and disinfect. At the same time, it is best to prepare a special cleaning vessel as far as possible.

Underwear must be washed every day, the new underwear is best put on clean and sanitary sleep.

Since there are tens of thousands of bacteria and feces on the underwear every day, the cleaning of underwear must be diligent and washed every day. At the same time, do not let the underwear over the night, otherwise it will let a large number of bacteria breeding, not only more difficult to clean clean, but also may harm the health of the private.

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