How To Choose Jeans

- Jan 16, 2018 -

First: fabric, this is the most important.

Influence of fabric quality of the finished product has many deep? The very bottom of the garment factory, and consumers are usually in this area is a blind, unable to judge. The quality of an expert is to look at the quality of the garment, the first of which is to look at the fabric, and the consumer usually measures the quality of the cowboy by the style and the price.

Take jeans and say: the value of jeans is mainly in the older and more valuable, the more beautiful it is. And to achieve the more beautiful the effect of the more washing, without good fabric, it is impossible. Classic Jeans, which have been worn for many years, are not easy to be rotten, and are not easy to change. Meanwhile, the natural stripping effect is ideal, because the quality of the fabrics is very affecting the inside of jeans, so they are often ignored by consumers.

Second: version design

Version design is not good, other aspects of doing well, wear also uncomfortable.

Now many consumers are not clear about the concept of the version, and often confuse it with the style. In fact, version of the design in the designer and sample division eyes, various sizes and parameters in the board is the part of a pair of trousers are determined, in the eyes of consumers, is a pair of pants to wear, fit, comfortable, can get good women from the hip to the thigh to the lower leg the most impressive, her hips and legs curve shaped the United States to show up. In particular, girls, a good version of the design is to achieve the pants to wear the body, but not difficult to accept this requirement.

If a girl wearing a pair of jeans after a good figure not manifest a flaw, this is the same version of the design, if a beautiful appearance but wearing jeans is not comfortable, this is the version of the design on failure. We often see some wonderful girls in the street wearing a pair of pants with very poor pants, but they are unaware. In the connoisseur, a leg of beauty and an ugly pair of pants. How to roughly check the pattern of a pair of jeans, the simplest way is to find a relatively popular person to try it on (as long as the hip and thigh leg shape is popular, and the height is not required), the effect of seeing through it will be known. A good version of the design, with high quality fabric, can make jeans fit and feel comfortable and look good on the look. So, fabric and version are the two key factors for the quality of jeans.

Third: Processing

The added value of jeans is mainly reflected in washing water, and the difference between them is also reflected by the difference between washing and water. Turner quality usually consumers will distinguish ability, here is not to elaborate, the general quality check lock line, sewing thread, bartack line can be cut clean, lint.

The quality of washing water is usually a little hard for consumers to distinguish. A simple rule is that whatever washing water is natural, it looks like the old effect of natural wear after years of wearing. The more natural the washing is, the better. At present, there is a washing technology on the market: jeans laser laser wash water, this is a new technology of laser jeans to wash the water. The laser processed jeans have natural washing effect and are full of technological frontiers.

The principle of laser washing for jeans is to control the laser beam on the surface of denim fabric with high accuracy by computer precision control, and the yarn is ablation, gasification and physical discoloration reaction, resulting in patterning or washing effect. When the laser beam passes through the jeans, the finishing process of a pair of jeans is basically completed. After that, it needs ordinary water washing and soft jeans to wear. The traditional jeans finishing technology brings revolutionary breakthrough: without the use of harmful to the workers body sandblasting, pickling, rinsing, washing and other heavy chemical products, the effect of scraping without manual hand rub, wear white cat, is conducive to the protection of the health of workers.

Fourth: auxiliary materials

There are zippers, big buckles, studs, skin cards, hanging cards, and outer packing. In addition to the zipper will directly affect the effect of wear, other aspects of the general effect on the effect of wear is not much. The quality of materials to a certain extent also represents a jeans grade level, especially some famous cowboy clothing brand, usually in the production of accessories a little effort, in order to highlight the characteristics of clothing brand, for the general clothing brand, consumers mainly check the quality of the zipper and button on it.

As for the most popular style issues that consumers have mentioned, it does not belong to the category of quality, but it is only a matter of personal preference. The quality standard of jeans is mainly judged from the internal quality, and it will not determine the quality of a pair of jeans because of the shape.

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