How To Choose Healthy And Comfortable Children's Clothes

- Jan 16, 2018 -

1. Quality safety

Safety and health are the prerequisites for choosing children's clothing. Children's body is weak and their resistance is poor, so children's wear should be soft, breathable, comfortable, safe and healthy. Avoid buying clothing for children with anti wrinkle treatment and bleaching.

2, breathable perspiration

Baby skin is very delicate, need to breathe, easy to sweat, so choose to breathe well, sweaty clothes. The outer layer of some beautiful clothes is usually coated in the garment processing, which will affect the breathing of the baby's skin, so do not choose.

3, pattern printing

The clothes are printed with a lovely cartoon, and if the pattern smells special, don't buy it. Most of these patterns in children's clothing processing by chemical bonding or painting, paint the taste and smell of glue is very heavy, easy to cause poisoning.

4. The details of the workmanship

The production of small clothing should be meticulous and meticulous, with fewer edges, stitching carefully and thread removal, so as to ensure that the baby is comfortable and scratched without coarse clothing.

5. Color color

Baby love colorful clothing, but can not choose too bright colors such as pink, light blue, try to choose light green, white, beige, milk etc.. Because most of the cloth color in the garment processing is dyed, and the dye is irritating to the skin.

6. The smell of clothes

Choose clothes, carefully smell there is no musty smell, the smell of petrol, or other bad smell. If you have these scents, you'd better not buy it.

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