How Important Is It To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Not Wearing Sleepwear

- Jan 16, 2018 -

1, it is not good for the children's health

After we go home and love the children close, in the arms of teasing, dig some snacks from his pocket and gave them. It is not known that when sneezing out of a subway, there are 300 thousand bacteria that can be sprayed out of the subway. When going to a public toilet, 360 thousand bacteria will come into contact. A cough on a bus will bring 2 million 800 thousand bacteria. These bacteria usually stick on our clothes, go home without changing clothes and hold a child, and the bacteria will invade, and the health of the children will be violated.

2, influence family happiness

A day back home, many people still wear professional clothes, lazy to change home clothes, dislike the trouble. For a long time, do you feel that your husband is no longer like before marriage? Don't complain, that's the result of your own. If you wear a business suit to your boss, your customers, your colleagues, and you wear it at home, you will not pay enough attention to him. He will have a perfunctory attitude. At home, he would like to see your gentle and sexy side. (Liu Tan costume)

3. The trouble of the guests

Home when suddenly there is a guest without visiting: good friends visit, neighbors and colleagues to visit home. These times are serious and troublesome, casual and casual, not soft enough. But the clothes that wear Liu Tan clothing can avoid the trouble of changing clothes at home, and can fully cope with the sudden situation and show the warmth of warmth.

4. The trouble of going out

The holiday at home because rarely go out, we will wear casual convenience, but inevitably there will be when you go out to the corridor: throw a garbage, go to the food market to buy food, go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities, or go to the yard to take a walk after dinner and dog. I want to go out at will, but the wear of the sling pants T-shirts at bedtime will limit our trip. It is too troublesome to change clothes, not to change and see people. If we wear clothes made of Liu Tan clothing and home clothes, no matter it is indoor sleep, walk in the yard, buy things in the supermarket, it will be casual fashion, and save the trouble of changing clothes.

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