Common Types Of Pregnant Maternity Dress

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Nanoscale maternity dress

In a simple way, the conductive magnetic material is infiltrated into the coating pulp and the improved fabric can shield the electromagnetic wave. It has the functions of stable performance, good shielding effectiveness, wide working frequency, anti - static, anti - ray and ultraviolet, etc. This combination of detachable fabric and ordinary fabric, achieved a multi-purpose clothing function.

Silver ion pregnant women's clothes

The application of nano silver and fiber polymerization into one, and make the fabric surface to form strong oxidation resistant coating layer structure, the silver and the organic integration of environmental protection fiber, with isolation electromagnetic negative shot function, has antibacterial and deodorizing, antistatic, regulation of body temperature, moisture absorption and fast drying, good air permeability, thin and soft, resistance to repeated washing. After washing the body is not binding, personal wear, long service life

Mixed maternity dress

This is the most common fabric in the market. He is a fiber shaped wire, and then plant fiber, woven into a blended fabric. The fabric structure is basically two kinds of plain and twill. It has good shielding effect, high strength, soft and comfortable, and excellent air permeability.

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