Business Wear Matching Skills

- May 09, 2018 -

1 Uniform suit

The highest frequency of appearance in professional wear is suit suits. Pick the first rule, try not to be black. Need to remind: professional style display of the workplace in addition to color and pattern, but also care about texture.

2, boots with short skirts

Workplace wear boots with short skirts, skirt suits office etiquette you can make full use of it, according to the length, you can choose different lengths of boots to match, to a stylish and steady style; color, olive green, Wine red and gray are popular colors.

3, wide leg pants

The wide-legged pants with a strong office style have always been the classic pieces in the business wear! You can choose different styles of shirts and pullovers to match. It should be noted that self-cultivation is an important criterion for selecting tops, and the principle of tightening down-song clothes is particularly important in this style, otherwise it will appear to be very protracted.

4, high collar shirt suit

In addition to the usual shirts and suits, there is a fashionable way to use the turtleneck in your closet as a base. Style will be more concise than the shirt, but also reduce some of the strong. On the selection of high-needs shirts, it is suggested that there is a clear color difference between the jacket and the jacket, which will increase the level of clothing.

5, knee skirt

Due to the dignity and calmness of the style and its wild type, the knee-length skirt has a high frequency of appearance in the business wear. When you don't know what to wear the next day and go into the office, choosing skirts and shirts must be correct.

6, silk shirt

The delicate texture and unique drape of silk shirts make this single product look feminine. With formal business wear items, such as lines and cut trousers and jackets are very sharp, texture, soft and hard combination can collide with a lot of fashion sparks.

7, 7/9 pants with platform shoes

Exposed ankle cropped pants or cropped pants, not only can make people easily show high, but also show a little sexy ankle curve. In order to highlight your professionalism and sense of stability, you can use neutral shoes or leather shoes.

8, sleeve details

While looking at the details of clothes, in the business wear, while promoting the simplicity and peace, the detailed challenges based on this will enable you to win three points in the seemingly similar match.

9, fight color dress

In addition to various types of trousers, dresses are also quite popular in the workplace, giving women in the workplace more affinity and femininity. For dresses, tailoring is the key to choice.

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