Which type of fabric is suitable for the summer?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

In the midsummer, the heat is hard to resist. Every day, the body drains a lot of sweat. The body regulates body temperature through the evaporation of sweat, making it cool. In order to facilitate the evaporation of sweat, summer should wear good moisture and breathable clothes. The moisture absorption capacity of textiles of different materials is not the same. In summer, it is natural to wear cool clothes to wear cool and healthy. Therefore, the choice of material is very important.

In general, natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and hemp are the best summer clothes. Among them, silky silk has the best new skin, high-end clothes are made of silk, both comfortable and beautiful.

In terms of quality, cotton and linen are also many layers. Even if they have the same source of raw materials, if the yarn has different twists and weaves are different, it can affect the texture of the clothes.

The development of modern textile technology has not only made natural fibers the darling of the summer, but some of the improved chemical fiber materials have also changed the airtight, sultry nature of the past. Its breathability, moisture absorption, and perspiration functions are not inferior to silk, cotton, and mahjong. What's more, these synthetic fibers not only don't wear hot, they can also be thrown into the washing machine for cleaning.