Underwear care knowledge

- Jan 16, 2018 -

We all know that underwear is the most close to the breast of a layer of clothing, if to give the best care for the breast, first of all to do the underwear on the work. In addition to the choice of underwear, underwear cleaning is also very important. To know how to clean underwear and how to dry the underwear, we can maintain the underwear and keep the breasts without any omission. Today, teach you how to wash your underwear.

Cleaning article

Step 1 check:

Before cleaning the bra, first check the bra, such as the line must be sutured first, the hook should be hooked, fasten the shoulder strap, so as not to hook the fabric during the washing process.

Second step hand washing:

The best washing method is to use cold water or warm water (below 30 degrees) and neutral lotion, and do not exceed 3 minutes in underwear.

1. Hand washing in a light way. Gently touch, do not rub, so as to avoid deformation. Try not to wash in the washing machine, especially the bra with steel wire or steel rim. Otherwise, the shoulder strap or other thin part of the bra is easy to pull, and the delicate lace on the bra is also easy to damage, which will make your bra badly deformed.

2, the washing powder can not be directly attached to the underwear. Washing powder and bleach powder in the water can lead to uneven color, color fading, or discoloration.  (washing powder to choose neutral, alkaline will infringe the underwear material and structure) should first melt the washing powder in the water, and then put in underwear. In addition, the use of bleach powder will make the underwear discoloration, the material is brittle and brittle, and should be avoided.

3, the zipper part must be pulled up. The zipper must be zipped up when cleaning the whole body. With the chest circumference of the active shoulder strap, it is best to remove the active shoulder strap and wash it separately.

4. After washing, do not use the hand directly. It is easy to distort the underwear by hand twisting. The right way is to wrap the underwear with a dry towel and gently squeeze it by hand so that the water is absorbed by a dry towel.

Washing is easy to deform. It's best to rub gently with your hands or brush with soft brushes. Don't use small brushes on special dirty places, and wipe out stains with bra's own friction.

For the stains on the bra, the different cleaning methods should be adopted according to the types of stains.

The lipstick or foundation is removed with alcohol or volatile solvent and then cleaned with a moderate temperature lotion.

Blood can be a toothbrush with thin liquid washing lotion. Rice soup sweat soaked, slightly rubbing rinse.

The wine is soaked in cold water and washed with warm soapy water.

The fruit juice sprinkled the flour on the stain and washed it with clean water.

Do not use clothing compliance agent after washing Tips:, so as not to damage the elastic fiber of the underwear. When cleaning the bra, the lotion should be appropriate, and too much detergent will be burgled for the surface area, thereby damaging the bra. After cleaning, the detergent must be washed and rinse thoroughly. Because the bra is wearing the body, the detergent is exciting to our skin.


1. wash with water after washing gently or lingerie bag with a towel to absorb moisture in the middle, a few left, up, try to flatten wrinkles.

2. wet brassiere should hang the cup with the middle of the cup, or hold the inelastic place with the clip and hang it up. Do not hang the shoulder strap, because the weight of water will lengthen the shoulder strap.

3. after washing, it should be dry immediately, so as not to be in a wet state for a long time, producing wrinkles and fading.

4. in the shade. The direct light of the sun is the cause of the yellow, discoloration and fabric weakening of the bras, and the indoor heating will also cause the cloth to be yellow and should be avoided as much as possible.