Underwear can only change the body shape it?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

A lot of people choose bras, more out of the shape of thinking, and neglect the needs of the body.

In fact, for girls in puberty stage, the first choice is underwear without scale, which is suitable for the development of the chest, so as to prevent bra from pressing the breast.

A woman with a full or drooping chest is more suitable for a steel brassiere. Due to gravity, full or drooping chest is a sweet "burden" that causes pain in the back of the shoulder, exacerbating the pull of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae.

For the special period of each month - the menstrual period, it is more appropriate to choose a comfortable and unpressurized non - steel ring. When the chest is more sensitive, choose no rims bra, to fully release rims, heart-shaped and axillary parts of the inferior wear pressure, pressing the chest, 360 degrees.

Underwear is 1 days, or N days? A day's underwear will probably have 100 grams of metabolites. Especially in winter, there will be more metabolism of dandruff. There are billions of bacteria in these metabolites.

A few days wearing the same underwear does not change, will affect the health of skin and breast health.

Therefore, the underwear should be replaced every day, cleaning every day.

In other words, usually, the duration of the bra is not over 6 months. Long worn underwear will be deformed and dirty and can't support and maintain the chest.

Does a lingerie accompany you in N?

The best choice for different underwear is in different occasions.

Exercise, to choose the sports underwear, excellent holding chest, and will not form a press, also get rid of sagging troubles.

The usual selection of pure cotton underwear, comfortable, not static electricity nor affect the chest.

If it were not involved in the drama to the activities, best not to wear invisible chest, do not wear the bra, because long-term wear affect the chest metabolism, waste will accumulate in the skin surface, thus affecting the health of the chest.

For the full, choose a cup size one of the underwear?

Absolutely wrong!

Excessive kneading of the chest can cause chest fat to spread to the armpit and even the abdomen. Too much kneading can cause breast lymph flow obstruction, which greatly increases the risk of breast cancer and mastitis. Remember, wearing underwear is not fashionable, but for chest health.

Different underwear guide said the SIZE is different?

Because each brand of the bra version of the scale will be different.

When different brands of brand underwear are not the same, they don't have to be in doubt.

Besides, the size of the chest will also be changed due to physiological factors (such as menstrual period or pregnancy, etc.).

After the appropriate wear, then purchase.

What is the special bra in the period of no steel ring?

During the period of time, a soft, non pressed exclusive steel ring should be selected.

During the period, the chest will become more sensitive, some women will have a slight chest pain, tight ring underwear will aggravate the discomfort, prevent lymphatic flow, the detoxification is not smooth, chest pain, delayed recession, press the breast, very easy to attack in breast disease. During this period, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of underwear. Because of any possible infection of pathogenic bacteria, it may affect the health of the chest through the touch of soft skin.