Teach you how to wash your shirt right

- Jan 16, 2018 -

For a shirt, collar and sleeve is very difficult to clean, it is easy to change black and dirty, it is the focus of every time. In fact, for the washing of shirts, the shirt must not be seen in one eye to be seen dirty to wash again, one is the impact of the image, two is difficult to wash back to the original color. In the garment processing, in order to keep straight stiff deformation, shirt collar lining material, with the majority of linen or resin linen, should not be forced wring, rubbing.

What you should pay attention to is not to put shirts and jeans into the washing machine, but do the following.

1, with hand washing shirts, you really want to ask the washing machine to help, must remember to put it in the laundry bag;

2, when the detergent is added to the laundry, the touch of the next dress is better.

3, more than 30 seconds is an unacceptable dehydration time for pure cotton shirts;

4, pure cotton shirt should be ironed in fact, do not fold, directly hang into the wardrobe.

In addition, when shirts are stained with stains, they can be soaked in cold detergent first. Don't brush them with powder or laundry powder. This will destroy the weave of clothing. The oil stains which are especially difficult to wash can be dripped with a small amount of white bleach, such as a small amount of white drifting detergent, and immediately rinse with clear water after the oil stains are decomposed.

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