Select maternity dress method

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Maternity fabric

   Choose natural fabrics is the same principle of buying maternity. Because pregnant women during pregnancy skin becomes sensitive and easy to sweat. If the regular contact with the fabric of man-made fibers, easily lead to allergies, pregnant women, skin problems, it will affect the baby in the abdomen.

   From the season point of view, summer maternity wear cotton, linen fabric mostly; spring and autumn to plain weave fabric, wool fabric, blended fabrics and knitwear mainly in winter is a variety of woolen cloth or with fluffy packing clothing. Despite the current number of pregnant women in the chemical fiber fabric is also a lot, but a good fashion brand of pregnant women, will definitely be in contact with pregnant women close to the skin must be cotton texture.

Maternity style

   Today's expectant mothers are mostly office workers, so the requirements of the maternity dress is relatively high. Now the design of maternity dress is very able to meet their needs, in addition to the waist hypertrophy, the color of maternity dress, style in no way inferior to fashion. Maternity classification is also more detailed, with leisure and professional maternity wear points. These beautiful and varied maternity dress mothers are as neat and beautiful as before pregnancy.

  Nowadays, with fast working pace and great pressure on life, casual wear has become the first choice for people to choose clothes. Of course, for pregnant women who do not require uniforms during work, relaxed maternity dresses, Maternity jeans, and Pregnant suspender pants  are their favorite maternity dresses. The change of color, the variety of design is the characteristic that recreational maternity clothes is worn. Different periods of choice

   3-5 months usually choose the fit fashion models, pregnant women to 5 months after pregnancy, the abdomen significantly elevated, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference increased, fullness, then began to wear the most suitable maternity dress. Therefore, early pregnancy, pregnant women only need to wear some light and breathable clothes can be. Changing maternity clothes prematurely will only make people appear wider and more bloated.

   Pregnant to 5 months after the women, the choice of maternity dress is required. Most expectant mothers will not want to buy their own maternity dress can only wear a month to wear the upper body, so try to choose their own size, long-term vision for the forthcoming rapid expansion of the body ready enough space. Professional brand maternity dress, its size standards are numerous first-hand data to study, as long as you according to their height and measurements figures, you can easily find your own size.

   It is very important to choose a suitable maternity dress for your mother during pregnancy, and we hope our advice can help you.