Not worth the clothes to buy, see the details to know

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Many girls love to go shopping to buy clothes, go back home left with nothing whatsoever. After the blue, it will be found that some clothes do not wear a few days, such as: drop, shrink, deformation and other problems, then how to judge a dress value is not worth buying

A clothing value is not worth buying, in addition to looking at the brand and style, more important is the quality of the clothes. Judging the quality of the clothes is good, referring to the following 5 major points, generally there is no big problem.


Common fabric features:

Cotton: advantages - soft body, moisture absorption and breathability; shortcomings - easy to shrink, easy to fold, easy to deform, often ironing;

Hemp: advantages - moisture absorption and heat conduction, good air permeability; shortcomings - rough appearance, not too comfortable to wear;

Chemical fiber: advantages - soft texture, not easy to fade; shortcomings - easy to deform, hygroscopic and breathable;


The main components of clothing, such as buttons, zippers and water drills, are mainly accessories. Generally speaking, the good or bad of the excipient can be identified by the naked eye. (such as the delicacy of the buttons, the quality of the ornaments, and the cloth of the belt);