Men's shirt collocation skills

- Jan 16, 2018 -

1. A dress shirt

They are usually worn on more formal occasions, and are suitable for wearing suits. The products are conservative and traditional on the flower pattern, and the popular colors are white, dark or neutral.

2. A casual shirt

Casual shirts in general wear more casual, fabric to all cotton, fabric is more rich in flower type, more suitable for young men.  With the increasing trend of leisure products in clothing industry, a part of middle aged and elderly consumers also have a special liking for casual shirts, so that they can show their vitality in appearance.

3. A bright and pure color shirt

This is one of the most acceptable collocations for conservative men. However, due to the large color area, it is necessary to seriously choose and choose. When buying, it is smart to wear the coat that you need to match and see the overall effect.

4. A bright striped shirt

The fringe is not unusual, there will be a few pieces of striped shirt most men in the closet, but looks are somewhat sober now conservative, so full of European style spectrum striped shirt is very popular, may wish to try, of course, tie on a free.