How to avoid the wastage and waste of the fabric processing by the garment processing

- Jan 16, 2018 -

First, the improvement of clothing processing cloth operations

Some employees in the cloth processing operations using the cloth handling methods, and sometimes the formation of color. The purpose of the clothings is to distribute the cloth. If we do not consider the color difference, not only the province cloth but also the change of working hours as well as color troubles and waste of working hours will not be realized.

If there is fabric defect or chromatic aberration, it should be affixed to the fault mark immediately to prevent the test piece not found, mixed with large-scale production, resulting in more disassembly and replacement work, if the fabric defect should be reported to the leader, reserved Appropriate piece of cloth, or once there is no change cloth will result in the loss of short-cut and be compensated by the opportunity to increase.

Color card without checking the wrong color number, until the Labe job check the color card to find the wrong fabric, the formation of a waste of operations. Once you have not checked the color card, resulting in cutting layer operations, such as lining operation, then the loss.

Second, the improvement of cutting operations

First understand the fabric, the absolute need for physical testing and do sample retention reference. What kind of material suitable for fabric, such as pencil, white pen, silver pen, number machine, stickers and so on.

2, to explore the number of pieces of the most appropriate position to establish SOP makes stitching or folding is not easy to be perspective and produce defective products.

3, training and provide the standard font, Arabic writing, to avoid vague, difficult to identify.

4, the provisions of the font size of not more than 0.5CM to avoid exposure.

5, to explore what kind of fabric without numbering, by not taking the cloth, color Labu to streamline numbering operations.

Third, the improvement of binding operations

1, strapping is too tight for some fabrics to increase the formation of wrinkling iron ironing work hours.

2, strapping too loose, easy to pieces scattered, increasing the number of man-hours and the possibility of ground contamination.

3, the number of bundles is too small and increase the number of working hours unpacking bale. Usually 15 to 20 pieces of demolition strapping about ten seconds, thus increasing the removal time per piece about 1.5 seconds.

4, too many bundles, although the number of bundles than the bundling method less the average per working hours slightly. If the number of people in the group is less, each person will allocate more man-hours and more packages per package, I am afraid it will affect the next man-hour to be expected.