How do you wear sportswear in winter?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Do you have a cold outdoors? The weather is very cold now! But for the sake of health, people still need to do more exercise, and how should they wear outdoor in the winter? That is, do not interfere with sports and fitness! Do you have a guarantee that you don't catch a cold?

First of all, what we need to do is to wear three winter sports clothes. The three main wear here is to wear on the body. Sportswear should be divided into 3 layers: the inner layer, the middle layer and the outer layer.

Winter wear sportswear three (inner): the inner layer is mainly personal clothing choice, the main role is to keep warm and sweat, the two important degree be on a par with. From the point of view of preventing temperature loss, keeping warm is the basic premise, but the fast drying, air permeability and perspiration of the inner clothes are also important.

Winter sportswear three big wear (middle layer): this layer belongs to the middle, can be used as insulation layer (keep body temperature). The main role is thermal insulation, in addition to shock absorption. Because the fabric and technology are essentially different from the outer layer, most of the clothing is soft, so it is also called the soft shell. In the three layer dressing method, the soft shell as the middle layer makes up for the lack of cold and hard coat's uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and plays a certain role of shock absorption and protection. More importantly, it plays a key role in locking the body temperature, reducing the heat loss and effectively preventing the temperature loss in cold environment.

Winter sportswear three big wear (outer layer): outer field is the surface of clothing directly contact with cold air, mainly to protect the body from injury. It is our commonly known cold - proof coat, most of the hard shell. The latter's statement is much more visible, like a tortoise shell, which gives the strongest protection to the body in complex natural conditions.

In general, the three - layer dressing method is for the outdoors after all. It is because of the special nature of the outdoor environment, so it is suggested that you can choose to customize the winter sportswear in a more different outdoor environment. Not only can prevent cold and warm, but also can be done very well, and can be modified according to the personal preference.