Fabric introduction

- Jun 25, 2018 -

In the clothing world, the fabrics of clothing are varied, with each passing day. However, on the whole, high-quality, high-grade fabrics are mostly characterized by comfortable wear, sweat-absorbent, breathable, drape, visual elegance, and soft touch.

The clothing worn in formal social occasions should be made of pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, and pure linen. Most of the garments made from these four kinds of pure natural fabrics are of higher grades. Sometimes it is permissible to dress in pure leather.

(1) Woven Fabric

Also known as woven fabric, is a fabric formed by interweaving warp and weft yarns perpendicular to each other. The basic organization consists of plain, twill, and satin weave. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic organizations and their diverse organization. Mainly Chiffon, Oxford, Denim, Twill, Flannel, Damask, etc.

(2) Knitted Fabric

The yarn or filament is formed into a stitch by knitting needles, and then the stitches are formed in series. Since the knitting structure of the knitted fabric has a large amount of yarn stored per unit length, most of them have good elasticity. Knitted fabrics are divided into single and double sides. There are mainly Jerseys, velours, birdeyes, and mersh fishnets.