Choose the safety and health of the children's 'four' method

- Jan 16, 2018 -

The selection of children's clothes is a "technical work", especially for the newly born baby. It is more careful and attentive. The key to this "technical work" is how to operate, and the following is the specific step decomposition, which we call the "four step rule".


Through the observation of the color of the fabric and the details of the process, the good and bad of the children's clothing can be directly judged.


When you pick out the clothes, listen carefully and see if there is a still smell.


When buying and buying, we should not only ask the guide buyers the price, but also identify the real and complete information of the clothes. The qualified children's clothes must be clearly marked, such as the manufacturer, the composition of the fabric, the safety grade standard, etc.


This part mainly tests the quality of fabrics. If the handle is rough and feels hard, the mothers will try not to buy it. Such a fabric is uncomfortable for babies to wear, and may even have safety problems.

Learned to choose children's clothing "four step rule", mothers can feel comfortable for the baby to choose clothes, Liu Tan clothing suggests that mothers choose the children's clothing that accords with the national standard and the tag is complete, so that the baby can wear comfortably and comfortably.

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