A simple cutting and processing method for a dress

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Simple cutting is a common method in clothing OEM garment factory, the so-called simple cutting is a straight cutting, a formula for the dimension in the cloth, while cutting, while discharging, material saving, and the body is horizontal material cutting, can use all sorts of cloth, linen, silk, polyester silk thin material production, the total length of the finished product can be 110 centimeters, the chest can be about 108 cm (loose). The long waistband made with this material for decoration can embody the mature charm of women. Simple cutting for hair powder, including sewing, skirt side seam 1.5 cm seam, 2 cm waist mouth, 1.5 centimeters slit, the bottom 2 cm wide. The other stitching is 1 centimeters. It is suitable for women with a total height of 160-165 centimeters and 82-92 centimeters of waist circumference.

In the process of garment processing, we can use this simple cutting method flexibly to cut the dress. For a small number of dresses, this often produces twice the result of half the effort.

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