Summer Fashion Short-Sleeve Children's Woven Dress

Short-Sleeve Children's woven dress

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Product Details

Product description:

Short-Sleeve Children's woven dress.

Material: 100%Cotton

Style: Children's woven dress

Type: short-sleeved

This Short-Sleeve Children's woven dress is Made of 100% natural cotton fabric, it is safe and comfortable to protect children's delicate skin from harm, excellent ventilation, help the baby to easily drive away sweat, bring cool to children in the hot summer. The shape of the princess skirt and the fresh color match fully show the baby's sweetness and cuteness.

Detail description :

Lace collar, puff sleeves make the princess more charming, stylish and generous. Fresh and grand styles are suitable for wedding parties, holiday parties, baptisms, birthdays, celebrations and other occasions. The small lace pockets make it easy for the little princess to carry the little things he loves. 

Special Description:

1、Whether it is size, fabric or printing patterns we can be customized according to customer needs special production. 

2、Professional trade staff 1 to 1 to service, timely corresponding to customer's all the problems.  

3、All fabrics are passed the textile inspection company qualified

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